Android Applications

Being able to develop apps for Android is a very marketable skill right now. This is because, for the first time, developing for Android has overtaken Apple’s iOS as the most lucrative mobile development platform. This comes after Google expanded the Material Design Framework in Android marshmallow. There is no better time than now to be an android developer!
The popularity of Android is steadily rising on a global scale. This can be seen by android’s overwhelming market share of 85 percent of the global market. This means that new users are emerging every day, and only your creativity and innovation can limit you from tapping into this market. With such growth, however, there are few capable Android developers as most developers favored the more lucrative Apple’s iOS. This is due to the limited fragmentation in the ecosystem and also that Apple users spend more on apps.

How to learn android app development

erteyjruThe easiest and fates way to learn Android application development is through online platforms. If you have a background in other programming languages, this journey will be a bit simpler. If not, the journey will be a bit harder but with focus and much determination, you can pull through. Here are some of the steps you can take to learn Android development:

Android software development kit (SDK)

The first thing to do here is to download the Android SDK. This might either be Android studio or eclipse, but eclipse is better as Google has made it the official development kit. This together with the Android’s open-source Integrated Development Environment (IDE), and Google-supported Android Development Tools (ADT), will give you the full environment to start you development journey.

Hello world

After the successful installation of ADT, you will be able to run your very first app automatically. This is the “Hello World” app. If this app does not run successfully, you will know that something didn’t go right go right in the installation process.

Take an Android development course online

The best way to learn, as they say, is by experience. Therefore, dive into the development world by signing up for some development online courses. They will teach you everything you need to know about development.

Here are a few of the Android development courses
Harvard University’s mobile application building class

The university has a program that has run from spring of 2012 that has assignments and videos that help you build the apps for Android and any other platform.

Learn Android 6.0 marshmallow development

23werdtfgFor serious developers, this is a top pick. The instructor Tim Buchalka is a master teacher whose lessons are both fun and entertaining. He guides you through the building several apps that will give you a proper programming foundation and portfolio for an entry level job.
By following these guidelines, you will no longer be a consumer of technology, but a creator of it. With the proper direction, you can be a master developer in no time. As they say, practice makes perfect. Continuously practice what you learn, and you will be a good android developer.