FAQs About Geocoding Service Providers

Geocoding needs are increasing in popularity especially in the business world. The growth of online businesses has brought the concept of delivery of products and services to people’s doorsteps. Thus, these business people need to convert the postal addresses they are given into locations on a map before the delivery. This concept has brought a lot of concerns. Therefore, people have asked many questions concerning how they operate so accurately to deliver such services to people. Below are the frequently asked questions about the geocoding service providers.

FAQs about the geocoding service providers

How many requests can I make in a day?

Well, depending on the geocoding company, there are different packages to suit different customers. The packages are charged differently based on the number of entries one can process in a day. Therefore, people must know their needs before they pick a convenient package for them. Different geocoding companies charge differently for similar packages or almost similar packages, and therefore a research on the best company is good.


Where do you get your information from

The geocoding service providers have various data providers to ensure they get as much information as possible. They mostly rely on public directories which keep on updating people’s information from different sources. Government institutions like the Postal Services also provide with people’s information on an agreement. So one can rest assured of getting the most up to date information about what they are looking for.

Can you customize packages to suit my needs?

Geocoding companies may have a limited number of packages which does not fit the needs of your business. Taking a bigger package may be a waste of money which taking a lower one may be inconvenient. Therefore people are concerned if they can get one that exactly fits the number of entries they process per day. Yes, most geocoding companies use customizable software and are flexible enough to provide that. So, there is no need to worry, and you should count your problems as well taken care of.


What kind of customer support do you offer?

With this kind of services, businesses need to process the geocodes very fast, and within few seconds they should get their locations. Therefore, there is a concern of what customer support they should expect in the case of system failures and other hitches. A well reliable geocoding company will offer a 24hour support to all their clients and provide immediate solutions.

Sonia Lagrange