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Ultimate Guide To Buying Studio Monitor Speakers

Studio monitor speakers are used to articulate the voice of an artist the way it is without any auto-tunes or digital enhancements. It helps the producer or sound engineer to mix and master songs with the desirable effects in order to produce a quality song or sound effect. In fact, studio monitor speakers are the most accurate channels in the music production.

Once an artist records his music or sound drop, the sound engineer uses the studio monitor speakers to edit, mix and master the song so that it can be translated into the headphones or other sound systems clearly. You can buy them if you are an artist who wants to have a studio in the house or if you are a producer who wants to open a music recording studio. Since there are many factors to consider when buying a monitor speaker, it can be overwhelming to get the desired model.if one is looking for best home studio monitors one can click on the link. In regards to this, the following is an ultimate guide to buying studio monitor speakers.

Buying Studio Monitor Speakers


The first thing to factor in when choosing the best monitoring speakers is the sound quality. You Studioshould note that studio monitor speakers are used to articulate accurate sound and not just loud or good sound. Therefore, you must consider a brand that produces accurate and precise sound. In fact, a quality monitoring speaker should reveal each of the vocals when mixing, whether bad or good. They should be designed in a way that brings out a balanced range of sound frequency. It can be hard to speculate on how they will sound in your production room, but you should at least bench mark on other studios to determine the kind of sound you require.

Consider the frequency range

The sound quality relies heavily on the frequency range. The most important thing that you are looking for is the accuracy of your studio monitor speakers. The frequency range of your sample recordings will determine the type of speakers you choose. The monitoring speakers should be able to the recording properly. Frequency range is measured in hertz since most projects require a range of between 50 Hz-20 kHz. Also, make sure the total range of frequency should be relatively lower than the monitor’s reproduction ability without variations and distortions.

The size

Studio monitor speakers are designed in various sizes. Most producers require a pair of speakers that will be used on the mixing table meaning they will be located near to their listening positions. Those that are used at a near-field normally measure between 5 to 8 inches. Ensure that you buy a speaker size which can fit the size of the production room. Therefore, the size of you controls unit will determine the size of speakers you will choose.

Make a budget

budgetAnother important factor is the amount of money you want to spend on buying these monitors. It is advisable to set a reasonable budget since these models are affordable. Quality and size of the monitors will always determine the amount of money you will pay. You should invest in something that you can afford. But remember to invest in quality studio speakers in order to get the required results in your production career.